Bronze GCH Mokelumne Reno Sakura Banjo


NP295802/01, OFA "Excellent", Patellas "Normal", CERF Clear, Red

Co-owner: Keith Besana

GCH Justa Copper Showstopper
NP21050903, OFA "Good", CERF Clear, Red
CH Tibroke's Tickle Me Elmo
NP08624001, Red
CH Tenkuu Go Etchuu Wakasugisou
NM94142801, OFA "Good", Red
CH Tanasea's Tickle Me Tibroke
NM94075602, Red
CH Justa Little Geisha
NP12569201, Red
CH San Jo Jumpin Jack Flash
NP05514801, OFA "Excellent", Red
CH Justa Little Bit of Country
NM88725404, Red
Mokelumne Reno Sakura Seneca
NP20841101, OFA "Good", CERF Clear, Red
CH Flashpoint's Top Gun at C and L ROM
NP12364902, OFA "Good", CERF Clear, Red
Manjishi Go Ryukyu Uruma
NP08735401, Red
CH Flashpoint's Que Caliente!
NP04966201, Red Seasame
CH Mokelumnes Kiana Reno Sakura ROM
NP00579501, OFA "Good", CERF Clear, Red
CH Ryukyu's Kotan at Mokelumne
NM88846802, OFA "Excellent", CERF Clear, Red
CH Sagewood Fallon at Mokelumne
NM77679402, OFA "Good", CERF Clear, Red

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