In the ring

Chibi & Jacey

The Beginning was Chibi

Showing dogs is great fun. Otherwise, why would anyone do it? It is the excitement of competition upon which all humans thrive, the fun and camaraderie of your fellow exhibitors, and, for the breeder, an affirmation that your breeding program is on the right track.

Since Shibas were AKC recognized in 1993, there has been a dog of ours, or of our breeding. in the top ten Shibas in the Country (Canine Chronicle system). Beginning with Chibi (Ch. Shinshu Chibisuke of Shinshu Ueda Tengusow ROM), then Youee (Ch. Reno Sakura Hitori Ichi), owned by Scott & Lisa Kirchner, and currently, Mickey (Ch. Reno Sakura Jackpot ROM) owned by JoAnn Gray.

We are also proud to own or have produced seven Shibas with the title of Register of Merit (ROM) which is a designation by the National Shiba Club of America signifying that a male has produced at least eight champions, and a female has produced at least four champions. The ROM title is seen at the end of the dog's name.

Rather than bore visitors to this site with pictures of Shibas they can see elsewhere on our webpage, this section will have only pictures of those Shibas bred by Reno Sakura and Mokelumne Shibas but owned by someone else. Except, of course, Chibi.

Ch. Reno Sakura Jackpot ROM "Mickey"

Ch. Reno Sakura Hitori Ichi "Youee"

Ch. Reno Sakura`s Ever Clever "Dodger"

Ch. Reno Sakura Kuriakos Kuon "Kuon"

Ch. Mokelumne`s Xochi of Ranchlake ROM "Xochi"

Ch. Mokelumne`s Hamlet Reno Sakura "Hamlet"

DK. Ch. Reno Sakura Joshi Baika "Baika"

Ch. Foxtrot Status Symbol "Blake"

Ch. Mokelumnes Takai Reno Sakura "Takai"

Ch. Mokelumne`s Kori Reno Sakura "Kori"

Ch. Reno Sakura Nobody`s Fool "Ren"

Ch. Reno Sakura Hi Riyo of Nimshew "Pac Man"

Ch. Hideryu Rinosakuraso "Samuri"